Miranda Lambert Gets Her Gator Gloss On

I’m not really the outdoorsy type. In fact, I’m downright indoorsy. So I’ve absolutely never done anything that remotely resembles gator hunting. But any time someone puts on gator-huntin’ lip gloss, that is a must-watch TV show in my book. That’s what Miranda Lambert does in this Country Boys Outdoors show that airs tomorrow night (Oct. 27). Blake Shelton, who usually never shuts up, is remarkably quiet with alligators around, so that makes it even more entertaining. The big tough guy’s not so chatty when his life’s in real danger. With the hosts, Lambert and Shelton explore the gator-infested habitats, irrigation canals, retention lakes, wetlands and marshes, looking to capture monster gators (9 feet or more). Lambert’s personal goal, according to the hosts, was to “get a real pretty gator that she could make some stuff out of.” So I’m kind of expecting to see her in some gator boots at the CMA Awards on Nov. 10.