American Idol Judges Praise Nashville’s Music Scene

The American Idol judges were in Nashville for the first round of auditions this week, and it sounds like they are now crazy about Music City — especially one of the newest to the judge’s table, Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler. He raved about the Ryman Auditorium , saying that there is “something very magical about this room, too, with some of the best singers, yet they sang and I’ve heard it resonate in the background. It’s almost like their voice doubled because the room in the house knew that they were good, and it kinda did this for me.” I think that is rock-star talk for “the venue has great acoustics.” Then he said that the city was like “Boston on steroids.” Mentioning that he’d been hearing the musicians on Lower Broadway, Tyler said, “They are still playing. It’s a lost art. People playing their heart out, singing their heart out.”