LeAnn Rimes Controversy Takes Shape Magazine

LeAnn Rimes has a gorgeous body. That much, we know. So why all the hemming and hawing from the editor of Shape magazine? Well, after putting Rimes on the cover recently, in a red string bikini, editor Valeria Latona heard from a handful of disappointed readers (actually less than 100th of 1 percent of their 6 million readers). So she wrote those readers back saying she was sorry they didn’t like the Rimes cover. They were allegedly mad because Rimes had done the unthinkable and fallen in love with actor Eddie Cibrian while she was still married. But according to Latona’s Twitter , the letter was taken out of context and leaked to the press. She stands firm that she put Rimes on the cover “for being human, admitting to mistakes, and finding the courage and strength to overcome criticism through exercise.” Rimes has pages and pages of support on Twitter , and all she had to say about the confusion was that “Shape is throwing me a party next week as a thank you and congrats for being on their cover for the third time. I find this very contradictory. I love you all!!” then has harsh words for the media. Not Shape, necessarily, but maybe the folks who reported the controversy with some twisting of facts.