Jason Aldean’s Duet With Kelly Clarkson Stands Out

There are so many things Jason Aldean does well. Small-town anthems, party tunes, rural barn burners and even shout-outs to muscadine wine. But now he has a new gift: songs that make your knees go weak. I’ve never heard anyone give such a convincing argument for staying the night, like he does on his smoldering duet with Kelly Clarkson. The song’s called “Don’t You Wanna Stay” and his voice has never sounded sexier on lines like “When a goodbye kiss feels like this” and “We can make forever feel this way.” His vocals are just so well-suited to her husky pleas to not just make love but to make love last. On top of the way they sing together, the gorgeous piano and orchestral strings make this track stand out from the more country-rock arrangements on his new album, My Kinda Party, out today (Nov. 2). Even Aldean admits he sounds good. “There are some big songs on here, but I also feel like my voice was in the best shape to deliver them. … You can’t exactly phone in a duet with Kelly Clarkson because she has those huge pipes,” Aldean has said.

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