Taylor Swift Falls in Love With Records

Taylor Swift talked with Sirius XM radio host Al Skop for an hour, and if you have satellite radio, you can listen to their interview tomorrow (Nov. 4) at 2 p.m. CT. If you don’t, I can just tell you some of what you missed. Like how Swift said she has finally written one song where she’s the bad guy (“Back to December”). She says it’s the first one in which she is “apologizing and admitting fault, and admitting guilt, and admitting regret and resentment and all those wonderful, beautiful little emotions.” Then she suggests what she’d like for her 21st birthday celebration next month. “I would love for it to be Christmas-themed and I’d love to be surrounded by people I love. I am obsessed with baking, holidays and sparkly things,” she said. And she reveals what she really, really loves. Records. She said her own record collection includes vinyl from Dolly Parton, Emmylou Harris and Kris Kristofferson. “I wanted to release this album (Speak Now) on vinyl because in the last year and a half or so I’ve just fallen in love with records,” she says. “There’s a flow and a rhythm and a theme and a concept. I think that that was at its highest point of tradition and of being an event when people would go out to the record store and buy a record and run home and put it on their turntable and listen to it because music was this event.”