Miranda Lambert, Parents Recall the House That Built Them

Robin Roberts jammed what seemed like a lifetime of country music lifestyle stories from so many artists into her one-hour special, In the Spotlight With Robin Roberts last night (Nov. 3). How they fit all this star-studded dish into one hour, I will never know. Fans have probably heard most of the stories before, but then there were those gems that surprised and delighted me. Especially when it came to the never-told-before stories from what the show called “this year’s it girl” and “one to watch” and the “Lady Gaga of Nashville.” Miranda Lambert. She opened up to Roberts about growing up in Lindale, Texas, and the hard times her family went through when she was 6.

“We had some hard times. Everybody does,” she said. “We were homeless. It sounds weird to say it now, because we’re so blessed. But when you’re self-employed, when the phone doesn’t ring, you don’t have any business.” Things get really serious when Lambert’s parents sit down for the interview and can barely get through the stories because they are so choked up. Rick Lambert talks about the old house in Lindale that was going to be torn down, but he convinced the owners to let them live there and fix it up. “We had gotten down to the point where we had no food in the house. So we started planting a garden, raising animals. The character that built in her … ” he says, but his tears keep him from finishing. Lambert’s mom, Bev, finished his thought by saying, “That was the house that built her. We didn’t know it at the time but it was the house that built us all.” It’s not all dead-serious, though. Roberts and Lambert finish off the interview by talking about weight fluctuations, how having a booty is a good thing and that it’s nice to have a little junk in the trunk.