Kenny Chesney Takes Football Film All the Way

A girlfriend of mine recently took a driving trip through the small towns of the South. And at 6 p.m. on Fridays, no matter what town she was in or what kind of radio station she was listening to, they stopped the music and the talking to say a prayer for the high school football teams playing that night. I think that’s the exact vibe you get when you listen to Kenny Chesney’s single, “The Boys of Fall,” especially if you watch the video or his football documentary that debuted on ESPN. But if you’re anything like me and the rest of the football-loving world, that was not enough. Thankfully, he’s made an even bigger deal out of the powerful song. The extended version of his Boys of Fall documentary has 90 minutes of interviews with some of the sport’s best and brightest, like Joe Namath, Peyton Manning, John Madden, Tony Dungy, Bill Parcells, Nick Saban, Mack Brown, Jim Tressel and Bobby Bowden, with a bunch of bonus features and behind-the-scenes footage, too. Plus, you know, the song. It will be available at Walmart tomorrow (Nov. 9).

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