Garth Brooks Tickets Cause and Cure Garthritis

Who else got Garthritis this weekend? My friend Liz came up with that name. Garthritis is the medical condition that causes swelling and stiffness in thumbs and fingers after repeatedly trying to buy Garth Brooks tickets. I think it’s safe to assume it affected a large majority of the 140,000 Brooks fans who did get tickets for one of his nine shows in Nashville next month. I think it’s safe to assume Garth Brooks still has that “it” factor. After all this time, he’s still breaking records and keeping records. Even with all the fuss over Taylor Swift’s first-week sales of Speak Now (1.04 million), she still didn’t quite beat Brooks’ record of 1.08 that he set when Double Live was released in 1998. Plus, all those tickets (more than 13,000 seats for each of nine shows) were sold in less than three hours. So you can imagine how fast and furiously those people must have been typing or dialing. In fact, there may actually be more sufferers out there, because I know plenty of people who tried for those three hours and were unsuccessful. Including me. That’s sad because I think the only known cure for Garthritis, ironically, is Garth Brooks tickets.

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