Keith Urban Launches New Music Over Lunch in Nashville

He only did three songs. But when you have the kind of charisma Keith Urban has, sometimes that’s all it takes to whet everyone’s appetite for what’s to come. At his intimate show Monday (Nov. 8) at the Nashville’s Hard Rock Cafe, he played for an industry crowd of about 300. It was short but sweet. He even said at one point, “I wish we could play all day.” After thanking everyone, especially Capitol Records, his label for 13 years, he opened with his current single “Put You in a Song.” He introduced it by saying, “I love writing songs about the unattainable girl. Not about the guy who gets the girl but about the guy who wants to write about the unattainable girl. Like the one in the back of the room.” Then he switched out his guitar for a banjo and did a song off his new album, Get Closer, set for release on Nov. 16. And even though he didn’t write the song, “Without You,” the lyrics seemed to reflect his world very vividly. About how the travelin’, the singin’, the fast cars and the guitars would all mean nothing without you. He closed the little set by introducing his backers for the day — Jerry Flowers on bass, Dann Huff on guitar and Chris McHugh on drums — and then dedicating his last song to the staff at Capitol Nashville. It was a rousing and thoroughly entertaining reminder of Urban’s debut country single from his 1997 album with his band, the Ranch. “Walkin’ the Country” may have only made it to No. 50 on the charts back then, but Monday in Nashville, it was a bona fide hit. View photos of Urban’s performance in Nashville.

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