OFFSTAGE: How Did Taylor Swift Teach Herself Japanese?

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A couple of weeks ago, Taylor Swift was on the Late Show With David Letterman, and what I couldn’t get over was her casual admission that when she was touring in Japan, she taught herself a little Japanese . That’s pretty hardcore. And it’s not just the typical “domo arigato” (or “thank you”) kind of stuff. She said she memorized the important phrases so she could speak in Japanese the entire show. Things like, “Are you having fun, Osaka!” and “I love Japan!” and “Japan is awesome” and “Cute!” She never said how she learned it, like if it was some kind of online tutorial or if she has an iPhone app for that. But I do know this: Not many artists would go through the trouble to learn a little bit of another language, so I’m sure it went a long way with all the Japanese Swift fans.

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