OFFSTAGE: Taylor Swift Eyes Allure Cover

(CMT Offstage keeps a 24/7 watch on everything that’s happening with country music artists behind the scenes and out of the spotlight.)

If there’s anyone who epitomizes the concept of allure, it’s Taylor Swift. So it’s no huge surprise that she’s Allure magazine’s cover girl for December. It’s her second time on the cover but this is the first time I’ve heard a makeup artist talk about putting false eyelashes on the bottom lashes! That’s just crazy, but it looks good on Swift. The story has all kinds of things you may not have heard about Swift , such as bad love advice about playing hard-to-get: “Like, the best way to get a guy to like you would be to actively ignore him.” As for Justin Bieber: “He’s sweet and awesome, and it’s, like, fascinating how charismatic he is. So genuine, I’ll join his fan club.” But the best best best advice she has is about scents and how they bring her back down memory lane. “I’d put on Abercrombie 8 to remember when I was in ninth grade and had my first boyfriend, because he gave me that.” And then, “The coolest girl in school wore Britney Spears Fantasy, and I had to copy her.” Swift also admits that she loves not staying in one place for too long. And she’s proving that every day. Her tweet last night said, “Just realized this week I’ll be completing a loop around the world. Nashville to London to Tokyo to LA back to Nashville. So. Much. Flying!”