OFFSTAGE: Taylor Swift’s Curls Are Back

(CMT Offstage keeps a 24/7 watch on everything that’s happening with country music artists behind the scenes and out of the spotlight.)

Monday night (Nov. 22), Taylor Swift walked onto The Tonight Show With Jay Leno stage in a short simple tan dress. And most importantly, her signature curls. And that was the very first thing she and Leno talked about since her hair had been so straight (and her bangs so short) on the American Music Awards the night before. She explained how weird it was to be so unrecognizable. “They straightened it — my hair is naturally fro’d out — and I’m walking through the halls of this award show and I’m passing by people that I know, and I’m like, ’Hey,’ and they’re like walking by,” she said. She said it felt like she was back in junior high. Then when Leno asked her about the AMA win and if she ever prepares an acceptance speech, she said no way. “My parents, they raised me to believe that being presumptuous is the most irritating quality in a person,” she told Leno. They also talked about the autobiographical nature of her Speak Now album, fake IDs, making beds and dancing around alone in her new condo. Then comedian Dane Cook came on, said he was a huge Swift fan, pulled off his shirt to reveal what I hope to God was a temporary tattoo of Swift’s face on his chest and then sang a song about “Taylor Swift, you’re a gift. Give me a lift — to your heart.” I’m sure Swift enjoyed it on the inside, but on the outside? She looked a little wary of Cook.

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