OFFSTAGE: What It Takes to Put Carrie Underwood on the Cover

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Guns N’ Roses! Orly To Have & To Hold nail polish! Pink and gray eyeshadows! I found out a little bit more about the photo shoot Carrie Underwood did to grace the cover of this month’s InStyle magazine. And so now we know they listened to ’80s heavy metal while she was getting all glammed up for the shoot. And we know that the hair stylist chose to give her a sleek and simple do because her wardrobe was so elaborate that day. Other revealing details from the story: Underwood is a fan of Christian Louboutin super-tall platform heels, Rich & Skinny jeans (which at $97 are a bargain compared to the $845 heels), dry shampoo to cover up her roots between highlights, and mixing and layering lip colors. “Mix lip colors to find the perfect shade, layering dark and light ones.
Mix types also, like glosses with mattes.” And one little fun fact I’d never heard before: It was her bass player, Mark Childers, who set her up with her hubby, Mike Fisher.

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