OFFSTAGE: Joey & Rory Thankful for Fan Feedback

(CMT Offstage keeps a 24/7 watch on everything that’s happening with country music artists behind the scenes and out of the spotlight.)

Joey and Rory Feek — otherwise known as Joey & Rory — haven’t been back to Joey’s hometown in Indiana for Thanksgiving in seven years. So when they called me Tuesday (Nov. 23) while they were driving there, you could tell that this was a special year for them. Beyond just the pumpkin pies and all the homegrown goodies her mom will serve, Joey looks forward to spending time with her three sisters. But they’re also treasuring the notes they’ve been getting from their fans about their video for “That’s Important to Me.” Rory told me they tried really hard to capture their lives, in one day, from doing dishes, planting starter plants, washing the dog, Joey cutting his hair.

“All those simple little things are what keep us grounded and make our marriage strong,” he said. And when they read the comments from the fans about it, they are touched. Choked up, even.

“We get tears in our eyes when we see what people are writing,” Joey told me. “And what strikes me the most is when people thank us for saying those words, for showing everyone its OK to just be in love and not be afraid to show our marriage like that.”

I know just what she means. Because even though I had nothing to do with the video, reading the comments makes me thankful that country fans are so effusive with their praise when something touches them.

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