New Tim McGraw Video Feels Like Sequel to 1995 Clip

I really wanted to see the girl with the hand-me-down name. The one who loves the Spanish little number that was rockin’ on strong. And the one who wears cherry lip gloss and orders Tim McGraw a drink that’s a purple kind of pink. She’s the one McGraw paints a picture of in his new single, “Felt Good on My Lips.” So when I saw the video, and there was no evidence of said girl, I was a little surprised. This one is a McGraw concert, with cameras everywhere to capture the vibe of what it’s like to see him live. Maybe he just didn’t want to be literal in this video since he took that approach in his last video. In that one, for “Still,” when he sang about cotton, trains, beaches, roads and stained glass, you could see cotton, trains, beaches, roads and stained glass. So maybe this time he was just ready for something different. If anything, this video’s more like the sequel to his 1995 “I Like It, I Love It” video. Only now, his fans have lost the mom jeans, crop tops and perms.

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