OFFSTAGE: CMT Artists of the Year Red Carpet Talk Turns to Food


Before the taping of the CMT Artists of the Year show earlier this week, there was a red carpet. And where there’s a red carpet, there’s someone with a video camera asking the hard-hitting questions. That night, it was, and they wanted to know what kinds of food the artists love to eat while they are out on tour. Carrie Underwood kicks the video off by saying that catering is for the guys out there working, but that she does her own grocery shopping. “I’m all about grocery shopping and fixing everything myself,” she says. Lady A’s Hillary Scott sounds like she’s all about healthy stuff, too. Almonds, peanuts, hummus, pita chips and raw sugar snap peas were on her road-food list. Jason Aldean admitted that he’s a “steak and potatoes kind of guy,” and Luke Bryan said all he wanted was a “good steak and some wine.” Darius Rucker called himself an Italian guy and said lasagna was his favorite. I’ve been on a lot of tour buses in my life and have never seen much more than cold pizza and a half-eaten bag of Swedish Fish, so either these artists were embellishing their stories, or I’ve been on all the wrong buses. CMT Artists of the Year premieres Friday (Dec. 3) at 8 p.m. ET.