OFFSTAGE: Who Is Kenny Chesney Hanging On To?

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You can’t listen to a song the same way once you hear the artist describe the emotion behind it. And Kenny Chesney’s “Somewhere With You” is that song for me now. He recently opened up and said this is a song about hanging on to somebody. But then he adds, “And it doesn’t necessarily say in the song that this guy or this girl, whatever, wants that person back all the time. But they just, when they think about where they were happiest and where and what is important to them, I think that when the guy goes, you know, ’I’d rather be somewhere with you. I’m here, but I still love you, and I still think about … what we had.'” Wow. That’s great news, but Chesney never really says who that girl is for him. He’s had a few in and out of his life over the past few years, but there’s no telling which girl was that one when he was his happiest.

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