OFFSTAGE: Whoopi Goldberg Says The Band Perry Members Are “Like Babies”

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In the music business, some people call brand new rookie bands “baby artists.” Not because they’re literally babies, obviously, but because they’re new to the world of country. But Wednesday (Dec. 15), after The Band Perry sang their haunting country hit “If I Die Young” on The View, Whoopi Goldberg was going on and on about how young the sibling trio looked. “It seems to me,” she said, “every time I see a new group, they look younger and younger. They look like little kids to me. They’re like babies.” Co-host Joy Behar quipped, “It’s not that you’re getting older and older, is it?” Goldberg’s definitive reply? “No. It’s them.” Maybe that whole youth-is-relative thing will be the next hot topic on The View.

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