OFFSTAGE: Is Jake Gyllenhaal Talking About Taylor Swift or Golden Globe Nom?

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When USA Today asked Jake Gyllenhaal who he’d take as his date to the Golden Globe awards, he said, “Dude, I didn’t think I was getting nominated. It’s going to be a long, slow burn for me. I’m not rushing into anything!” Wait. What? What’s going to be a long, slow burn? His crush on Taylor Swift? Had it gone unrequited for years and he’s just making his love a reality? Or, is he talking about the Golden Globe nomination taking forever? He said he found out he’d been nominated for his role as the man-whore-turned-nice-guy in Love & Other Drugs when he woke up and had 25 e-mails on his phone. “And it was either disconcerting or exciting. In this case it was exciting,” he said. But he ends the interview by saying, “I’m not going to deny any awesome feelings.” Now that has to be about Swift. Right?

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