OFFSTAGE: LeAnn Rimes Says the Man Is Better Than the Ring

Say what you will about Twitter and love affairs and LeAnn Rimes, but this whole engagement announcement has been pretty splendid because of all of those. Rimes could’ve kept her engagement to Eddie Cibrian all to the herself, but where’s the fun in that? She instead gave her 95,000 followers the news yesterday, saying, “For those who haven’t read, Eddie and I got engaged over the holidays. That’s the news. It’s for real this tine and the first time EVER!” and “It was nice to have our little secret for us our families and friend’s a few days! So excited to now share the wonderful news with our fans” and “We got engaged on Christmas Eve, period the end. We’ve never been engaged to each other at all before that.” It sounds like she was hellbent on being the one to share the ews with her fans, and I love that about her. I also like the way she responds to each and every little tweet someone sends her. So if a follower tells Rimes she loved the jeans she was wearing in a recent tabloid photo, she responds that those were Genetic jeans. And when someone asked her about her engagement ring, Rimes had the perfect answer: “The ring is beautiful, man is better :)”