OFFSTAGE: Leighton Meester on Lower Broadway? No Way.

Yes way. I can hardly picture uber-glamorous Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester meandering down Nashville’s strip of completely unglamorous honky-tonks on Lower Broadway either. But that’s exactly what she told me she did when she was in town to become Music Row rookie Chiles Stanton in the upcoming movie Country Strong. “When we were filming down in Nashville, I went to the Ryman to see Martina McBride. She was great. And then one night I went out to all those places, like Robert’s, Tootsie’s and the Stage,” she said. Maybe she was just getting into character, but it seems like she had herself a real nice time. And when I asked if she could ever see herself making a country album, because she sounds like such a natural on the soundtrack’s “Words I Couldn’t Say,” she admitted it has crossed her mind. “I fell in love with the experience of making music in Nashville,” she told me. “So never say never.”