OFFSTAGE: Keith Urban Is Literally God’s Gift

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You may think he’s God’s gift to country music. But his wife Nicole Kidman thinks Keith Urban is just God’s gift. Period. At least that’s what she told Jennifer Aniston in a celeb-on-celeb interview in the February Harper’s Bazaar magazine. “I remember thinking, ’Oh, my God, if you ever gave me a man like that, I promise I would be completely devoted for the rest of my life,” Kidman raved. She even admitted to Aniston that when Urban brought her down to Leipers Fork right outside Nashville, she loved the ruralness of it all. “I just went ’Aaah.’ You know how you dream as a girl; I’m one of those people. I would meet a guy, then I would imagine myself married and with kids within the first hour,” Kidman laughed. And had it not been for Urban, Kidman might be out west somewhere right now. “In the back of my head, I was thinking I may have to put my roots down somewhere,” she said. “I was going to move to Oregon.”

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