OFFSTAGE: Keith Urban Buys Lingerie for His Wife

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Well, this has certainly piqued my curiosity. According to Nicole Kidman , in the February issue of Harper’s Bazaar, Keith Urban buys her lingerie. That’s no huge surprise that a man would want to see his wife in pretty underthings. But what I’d love to know is when and where he does this. Like, does he waltz into the Victoria’s Secret at Green Hills Mall and browse around? Or is he more of an online guy, preferring to do buy his wife’s sexy stuff from Agent Provocateur ? Kidman also said Urban buys her clothes, so it’s not like he’s ONLY into lingerie. But in the story, she admits to Jennifer Aniston (who is asking the questions), “I like boy-girl looks. I have no sense of what’s fashionable; I just know what I like to wear. I don’t believe in something being in and out. You know those lists? That probably goes along with the whole way I live my life.” She also reveals that on occasion, she’s gone cowgirl. “I don’t wear cowboy hats. I think they’re cute. I sometimes put one on with a bikini, but it’s a particular look,” she said. I’m sure that look looks great on Kidman. And I bet she’d also look good in his shirt.

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