OFFSTAGE: What “Chocolate Bunnies” Mean to Carrie Underwood

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If you ever get the chance to chat with Carrie Underwood’s mom, and you suddenly hear Underwood start yelling “chocolate bunnies,” just know the conversation is over. Because her mom Carole is such a talker and information sharer, Underwood had to create a secret code to let her mom know when it was time to ixnay the adorable childhood stories. “I have not introduced her to anyone. We’ll be somewhere and mom will just disappear and she’s like over talking to Kid Rock or something,” Underwood said in a recent radio interview. Which is probably what prompted them to come up with the code. “I was like, ’If you start telling embarrassing stories about me as like a 3-year-old, I’m just going to sporadically yell out ’chocolate bunnies,’ and you’re going to have to change the subject,” she said.