OFFSTAGE: Keith Urban Shows Off Pictures of Baby Girl

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It’s not just Keith Urban’s iPhone. It’s his photo album. And People magazine has a picture of his picture of his new baby girl, Faith Margaret , on his iPhone. So the quality is a little, um, compromised. But what you can definitely see is that she is the most adorably perfect 5-week-old, sound asleep, with chubby little pink cheeks and a sweet kissable bald head. Urban was showing her off at the SAG awards on Sunday (Jan. 30) night and said of her resemblance to mom Nicole Kidman, “She just looks like her, don’t you think?” He also admitted that Faith Margaret’s big sister, Sunday Rose, is still adjusting to having to share Urban and Kidman with her new sibling. “I think anybody who has had two kids knows when the second comes along, the first goes, ’Oh. There’s competition,'” he said. So true. And just like his new song “Without You” says, “Along comes a baby girl, and suddenly my little world, got a whole lot bigger.”

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