OFFSTAGE: Martina McBride’s Family Connects at Dinnertime

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It would seem obvious. But it bears repeating, and Martina McBride is repeating the golden rule of dinner time. “So we just sit and talk, and sometimes we’ll sit around the dinner table for 30 minutes after we get finished eating just talking, and it’s just great,” McBride tells People of the importance of the evening meal with family when you have kids going in a million different directions. And when you see the pictures of her kitchen, you can see why she’d want to have dinner in there every single night. With white-washed cabinetry, open shelving, colorful bowls and plates and an antiquey chandelier, it looks like she was inspired by a visit to an Anthropologie store. And since the kitchen opens to a sitting room, McBride says it’s part family room and part kitchen. “I don’t feel like I’m stuck alone cooking while everybody is somewhere else. It allows the family to be together. We can all hang out in there.” And if you’re looking for some new recipes to feed your own family for dinner, check out the black-eyed peas recipe from Miranda Lambert.

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