OFFSTAGE: Keith Urban Makes Mississippi Musician’s Dream Come True

(CMT Offstage keeps a 24/7 watch on everything that’s happening with country music artists behind the scenes and out of the spotlight.)

Keith Urban called Brandon Green last week. And as if that alone wasn’t exciting enough for the 25-year-old singer and car detailer from Lucedale, Miss., he had some pretty fantastic news. He was calling to tell Green he’d won the Guitar Center’s “Your Next Record With Keith Urban” contest. There were more than 6,000 submissions, and Green is the one Urban chose. “I heard something in Brandon’s voice that resonated with me,” Urban said. “An authentic blend of confidence and vulnerability that made me want to hear more. So I look forward to doing just that.” But here’s what Green himself had to tell me about what could be the phone call that changed his life: “Guitar Center said if I’d won, Keith would call me. So I had my phone glued to my hand for like two weeks. On Thursday (Feb. 10), I got a ’restricted’ call and when I picked up, as soon as I heard the first syllable of that Australian accent, I was like, ’Yes!’ He said I’d won, then he goes, ’I was gonna sing your “Love Lovin’ You,” but figured it wouldn’t be very appropriate between two guys.’ Then he told me, like three times, that when I record with [producer] Dann Huff, he’d come sing on a track.” But the call didn’t end there. Urban had done his homework and told Green he liked how he’d handled himself on American Idol during his season seven audition when Simon Cowell told him he was “forgettable.” Urban’s call lasted more than nine minutes, and Green had him on speaker phone the whole time so his mother could listen in. After that, he went to the Guitar Center in nearby Mobile to start spending some of his winnings. He has his eye on a Gibson Les Paul Junior double cutaway model, a guitar he could only dream about before the contest. Stay tuned for more details on the Urban/Green partnership as they head into the studio to record a three-song EP and when Green gets to open one of Urban’ shows this year.

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