OFFSTAGE: How Brad Paisley Recruited His Son for Vocals

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You know that adorable part of Brad Paisley’s “Anything Like Me” when there’s that little voice at the very end that says, “Me”? That’s his son Huck, and I’ve always kind of wondered how Paisley got a little boy to be so cooperative. “He knew the song because I’d sung it for him at home, and then I just told him, ’I want you to sing “me.”’ I said, ’You ready to do this?’ He said, ’I don’t want to.’ And I said, ’Just try it … you’d probably like it.’ So he put on the headphones, and he started tappin’ his foot and listening to it, and it got to his thing, and he sang it,” Paisley said during a recent radio interview. Huck was only about 2 when they recorded that song, but he must have already been thinking about following in his dad’s footsteps. Because Paisley admitted Huck wanted to keep on singing more of the song, and he had to tell his son, ’Nah, just the word will be fine.'”

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