Tim McGraw Has No Immediate Plans to Run for Public Office

Tim McGraw has dispelled rumors that he’ll run for office in the near future. He made the comments during a Wednesday (Feb. 23) appearance on CNN’s American Morning. He was being interviewed about his work with the Outback Steakhouse restaurant chain’s promotion to raise money for Operation Homefront, a nonprofit organization providing financial and other assistance to families of U.S. troops. McGraw has previously expressed an interest in running for governor or U.S. senator for Tennessee. In response to a question at the end of the CNN interview, he didn’t rule out the eventual possibility of launching a political campaign. “Somewhere down the line, if I feel I can give back, I certainly wouldn’t say no to it, but it would be a while, and my kids would have to be grown because I certainly don’t want my closet opened anytime soon,” he said.