OFFSTAGE: Did Rascal Flatts Put Justin Bieber’s Hair in a Casino?

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Normally, I wouldn’t make such a big deal out of a pop star’s haircut. But this time, Rascal Flatts are involved, and the haircut turned into a $40,000 donation to a group in California and Ohio that cares for animals. So those things make it matter. Here’s what happened with Justin Bieber, according to the always-joking-can’t-ever-tell-if-he’s-for-real Gary LeVox: “It was actually our idea for his hairstyle. As you can tell by some of the pictures, we were the ones that actually cut it. But we all gathered enough hair to put our kids through college, and we’re real excited about that. Feel free to put a bid in!” It sounds like LeVox was kidding, but what happened next is really serious. Bieber gave a lock of his hair to Ellen DeGeneres, who put it on eBay. And after a week of bidding, the highest bidder was the online casino at $40,668. That money then went to benefit the Gentle Barn . You can see the hair — in a cute little plexiglass box — on the casino’s website.

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