OFFSTAGE: If Gwyneth Paltrow Did Sign a Record Deal, Then What?

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Gwyneth Paltrow’s people are denying it, but that hasn’t stopped the buzz about her alleged $900,000 record deal with Atlantic Records from going viral. So Billboard decided to crunch the numbers and see what that would add up to. And they determined she’d need to sell about 700,000 albums for the company to merely break even. “A $900,000 album deal would actually cost significantly more than $900,000,” according to the Billboard story. “That amount is a recording fund that pays for the cost of making the record. A superstar country artist’s album can cost around $300,000. The remaining $600,000 would be given to Paltrow as a recoupable advance.” And promoting the album — the part where representatives from the label go around to radio stations and asks them to play the single — can be around $2 million. The numbers breakdown gets even more detailed from there, but the point is, $900,000 is not really a big deal — at least in terms of record deals.

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