OFFSTAGE: Keith Urban Inspired Sara Evans’ Surrogacy Dream

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Sara Evans and her husband Jay Barker want to have a baby because their blended family of seven kids apparently isn’t enough. But Evans doesn’t necessarily want to do it the old-fashioned way. “We want a baby together so bad,” she said during a recent radio interview. “I’ve just gotta figure out the right time because I despise pregnancy. And I’m begging Jay to let us hire a surrogate, but he’s not comfortable with that.” Then she talks about how it worked when Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman had a baby delivered by a gestational carrier. But if Evans goes through with her plan, she’s going to hire a surrogate she knows. “Someone I knew I could trust and they wouldn’t run off with my baby,” she said. She has offered her sisters $20,000 to carry her baby, but no one seems to be quite as enthusiastic about the idea as Evans. What has her so gung ho about the idea? “I could, like, continue to drink wine and be skinny and have fun and then all of a sudden have this beautiful baby,” she joked. If she’s serious, I wonder how many fans would like to carry Evans’ biological baby. For $20,000, would you?

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