OFFSTAGE: Blake Shelton Explains What The Voice Is Not

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There are so many reality shows that pick a winner based on so-called talent, but this new one that Blake Shelton is a part of is all about the voice. Literally. So in the chit-chat with The Voice’s host Carson Daly, Shelton talks about what you will not see when it premieres later in April. “There’s a lot of reasons to wanna be on a show like this, honestly. But the No. 1 reason is this show embraces the most important thing first. And that is whether or not they are a great singer,” Shelton says. “You don’t get on here because you come in and you have a stupid dance that you do or you have this incredible sob back story.” Then Shelton goes on to call fellow judge Christina Aguilera a redneck. I’m pretty sure he’s kidding, and I’m pretty sure she’s not. But I can’t wait to watch the chemistry between the judges. And Shelton can’t wait for one thing. “I just wanna hear something that blows me away,” he said.

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