OFFSTAGE: Taylor Swift Tells Roger Ebert, “It’s ON”

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Time magazine recently polled its readers to find out which Twitter feeds they loved the most. The results were, for the most part, predictable. They seem to correlate somewhat with the number of followers a celebrity has. So it’s only natural that Taylor Swift would come it at No. 8, with her 5,804,661 followers. But film critic Roger Ebert came in at No. 9, and yet he only has around 400,000 followers. But I absolutely love the confidence that vote inspired in Ebert and how the two top tweeters took the results. Ebert went on his Twitter page earlier this week to say, “I really like Taylor Swift, but with 15 more votes I could pass her and close in on Justin Bieber.” Her response? “@ebertchicago thanks! And oh, it’s ON!!!”

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