OFFSTAGE: Is Garrett Hedlund a Better-Looking Version of Hayes Carll?

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When Garrett Hedlund’s character Beau Hutton sings “Take Me Away” in the movie Country Strong (now out on DVD, by the way), the song’s writer Hayes Carll doesn’t mind at all. He likes it. “That was really neat to watch, like a better-looking, better-singing version of myself doing my songs,” Carll says. “It’s very surreal and very cool at the same time.” Another songwriter from the movie’s long list of potential country hits, Rose Falcon, also talks about the song she wrote , “Give In to Me,” and how good it felt to have Hedlund and Leighton Meester’s character (Chiles Stanton) perform that one as a duet. “It’s really about, I guess, surrendering to love and making someone surrender to you, just like you would think. And it’s really sexy,” she explains. “I know I wanna sing my songs ’cause I wrote them, but when somebody else wants to sing your songs, that’s the moment you know you did something well.”

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