OFFSTAGE: Will Martina McBride Make a Video of Tweets?

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There’s the girl whose mom penciled in her eyebrows every day for a month after she’d plucked them way too much in middle school. And the girl whose mom dances in the car just to embarrass her. Then the girl whose mom got cancer when she was 13. “With the loss of her breast, she asked how I look at her. I said, now mom, I can hug you closer,” the tweet says. These are just the kind of tweets Martina McBride asked for last week when thinking of possible themes for a video for her new single, “Teenage Daughters.” On her Twitter page, McBride wrote, “Kicking around ideas 4 video..wanna help? Tell me a thought/scenario about having a teenage daughter. Challenging, sweet, funny, typical, etc.” Then she promised, “I will ReTweet the 5 most funny/unique, the 5 sweetest, and the 5 most typical. Here’s your chance to be heard! Have fun!” She had so many replies, from the heartbreaking to the hilarious, that if she does end up making a video about the things mothers do for their teenage daughters, and vice versa, it may end up being a 10-minute one. So just to make it even more difficult, let’s add to McBride’s list. What memorable moments did you have with your mom or dad when you were a teenage daughter? And if you have teenage daughters now, what’s that like? (Besides the obvious, which is that line in the song’s chorus, “And if we’re being honest /Then honestly I think I need a drink.”)

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