OFFSTAGE: Taylor Swift Makes BFFs at M&Gs

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You know how Taylor Swift does those legendary meet-and-greets before and after her concerts? Well, she’s been doing them for years. So if you run the numbers, it’s almost impossible to imagine how many fans she’s met. And in this interview with the British newspaper, The Telegraph , she says she’s met a lot of the fans more than once. “I mean, I’ve been on tour since I was 16, and I always do meet-and-greets before and after shows, so you kind of build these friendships with people. I have girls come up to me and tell me exactly what’s going on in their love lives,” she admitted. “They always come out with these bold confessions, like, ’I’m so glad I’m at your concert tonight. My boyfriend just left me.”’ She then tells the newspaper’s writer that she will commiserate with the girl a little, then give her a hug. That surprises the writer, who must not know Swift and her genuinely affectionate ways at all. Somebody needs a hug.

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