OFFSTAGE: How Brad Paisley Recruits Duet Partners

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You would think that someone as powerful as Brad Paisley would have people to do everything for him. And maybe he does. But when it comes to asking other celebs to sing with him on an album, he does it just like a regular person. He emails. Like when he wanted Clint Eastwood to whistle on a song called “Eastwood” on his upcoming album, Paisley told Billboard magazine he just emailed his wife Dina Eastwood. “I sent Dina an email and asked if Clint whistled, and she wrote back, ’Yes! He’s a great whistler. Do you want him to whistle on something?'” he said. It was that easy. However, his new duet with Carrie Underwood on “Remind Me” started with a phone call. Paisley called her as he was writing the song. “I said, ’I promise it will be great, or we won’t do it,'” Paisley said. He also calls Underwood a best friend and said they recorded the sad, sad, sad ballad of a love that’s become “good, not great” at the guest house near Paisley’s home.