Toby Keith’s USO Tour Underway

Toby Keith’s ninth tour on behalf of the USO is currently underway in the Middle East. Keith and members of his band spent Easter Sunday (April 24) with the crews of both the USS Enterprise CVN-65 aircraft carrier and the USS Leyte Gulf CG-55 guided missile launcher, both stationed at sea. As part of the 12-day tour, Keith also performed for U.S. troops and their families stationed in Bahrain on Friday (April 22) and had his picture taken in an F-18 fighter jet decorated with his name and his “Big Dog” nickname on Saturday (April 23). So far on this trip, he has performed for more than 9,900 service members. “Since my first tour, I’ve been hooked on performing for troops. I start looking forward to my next USO trip the minute I touch down here in the States. I love it and I love our troops, they are the best in the world,” Keith said.