OFFSTAGE: John Rich Styles Another Apprentice Win

(CMT Offstage keeps a 24/7 watch on everything that’s happening with country music artists behind the scenes and out of the spotlight.)

“We don’t know jack about hair shows, but a stage is a stage is a stage.” That’s how John Rich summed up his role as stage manager for a live hair styling event in New York City on last night’s (May 1) Celebrity Apprentice. So he was feeling good about his team’s Feeling Good in America theme for the episode’s task. Their job was to create this event (think Kenny Chesney concert, but instead of country music, the stars are doing hair) with two stylists and four models and all kinds of Biosilk products from Farouk Shami’s company . And because Rich said the way to win is to make unorthodox moves, he came up with a secret weapon: Niki Taylor. In fact, when she said yes to Rich, he said, “The ladies are gonna go ’Oh (expletive),’ when they see you walk in.” The stylists gave the super model and former Apprentice some big ol’ Texas curls. And Rich is so confident in her power, he asks, “How can Farouk sit there and not go, ’That is a slam dunk’?” So, did he think that she was a slam dunk? Not completely, because the mens team didn’t talk enough about the ammonia-free nature of the products. But two hours of flat ironing and curing and coloring and backcombing later, the men won, and then playmate Hope Dworaczyk was sent home. But in a very odd twist of events, Donald Trump brought LaToya Jackson back to the show as a member of the mens team.