OFFSTAGE: Sugarland’s Firsts and Lasts

(CMT Offstage keeps a 24/7 watch on everything that’s happening with country music artists behind the scenes and out of the spotlight.)

The first three 45s Jennifer Nettles bought when she was in elementary school? The Pointer Sisters’ “He’s So Shy,” Pat Benatar’s “Hit Me with Your Best Shot” and Captain & Tennille’s “Do That to Me One More Time.” And the last album she bought? Nicki Minaj’s “Pink Friday.” I asked if she liked it, and she does, but told me, “It’s much poppier than I was thinking, I was thinkin’ it was gonna be rappier.” As for Kristian Bush, he remembers buying 45s of Paul Simon’s “Slip Slidin’ Away,” Kenny Rogers’ “The Gambler” and Chic’s “Le Freak” as a kid. (That song, by the way, is the one and only disco tune stuck that has like glue in my head since 1978.) As for Bush’s very last download, it was Billy Joel’s “Uptown Girl.” When Sugarland spent a night in Chicago this weekend, that’s the kind of interview we had. I asked them both about their firsts and lasts of just about everything. Records, tattoos, loves, hats, music discoveries and songwriting tactics. So check back often for more bits and pieces of my conversation throughout the week. And keep in mind, both Nettles and Bush have really solid memories. So to the boy who broke Nettles’ heart in 5th grade? You might be very well known someday soon.