OFFSTAGE: Taylor Swift Is “Normal,” Says Emma Stone

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When you are really good pals with a singer, you pretty much have to like her music, right? Otherwise, “awk,” as the kids say. Fortunately, one of Taylor Swift’s best friends, actress Emma Stone (Easy A, House Bunny, The Help), really does like Swift’s music. She told MTV News that she digs Swift’s latest album, Speak Now, and even heard it before it went public. “I was lucky enough to hear it pretty early on, so it’s so exciting for it to finally be out and to actually own the songs instead of just be singing them,” she said. She also said that Swift is pretty normal. And if Stone does sing Swift’s songs in front of her, Stone said, “She’s not like, ’I am one of the world’s most popular singers.'” In the past, Stone has also described her famous-but-normal buddy with words like “awesome” and “gracious” and “fine.”

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