OFFSTAGE: Martina McBride, a Dressed-for-It Housewife

(CMT Offstage keeps a 24/7 watch on everything that’s happening with country music artists behind the scenes and out of the spotlight.)

Sometimes, bad clothes happen to good people. And in the new video for “Teenage Daughters,” Martina McBride takes you through all the styles that have come — and thankfully gone — with motherhood for decades. Yet she makes the good, bad and ugly all look fabulous. Maybe that’s why director Roman White compared her to June Cleaver.

“We all went to Martina’s house the night before the shoot and did a fitting from all the clothes from all the eras. We picked some of the most outrageous stuff. Big shoulder pads, jacked up hair,” White told me. “She looked great in everything. And she was able to change her demeanor, too. Like in the first era, the ’50s, she became very poised and soft spoken and eloquent in her movements. Very glamorous. Like June Cleaver.”

I just love that she’s wearing pearls and an up do while she’s collecting laundry. White said the whole family took part in the video, with most of the teenage roles going to McBride’s oldest daughter Delaney. “Poor Delaney,” he said. “We’d be shooting and she was supposed to be snotty. Martina would be saying, ’She’d never be like that.'”

You can tell from the video they are all solid actors. Even McBride’s husband, John, got into the act. He’s in the ’60s scene, in what White called a Mike Brady perm wig. My personal favorite is McBride’s ’80s outfit, when she’s wearing what appears to be acid-washed stirrup pants, high-top Reeboks and Stiff Stuff in her hair. I think I wore that exact look to a Pat Benatar concert in 1982.

More than the style evolution, I love this video for the way it shows how having teenage daughters isn’t ALL bad. So at the end, when McBride reprises an earlier line, “If were bein’ honest, then honestly, I think I need a drink,” she may just mean that mothering occasionally calls for a toast.

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