OFFSTAGE: How Brad Paisley Blends In

(CMT Offstage keeps a 24/7 watch on everything that’s happening with country music artists behind the scenes and out of the spotlight.)

Brad Paisley’s not saying he wore a camouflage tuxedo to his prom, yet he knows some rednecks out there just might make one out of Duckline Mossy Oak. That’s why he told Us Magazine that “Camouflage” is one of the funniest songs on his latest album. Personally, it’s in my top three from the album, and maybe even from the year. I mean, who else could rhyme “camouflage” with “corsage” and “garage” with such class? He says the tune explores the pattern and all it’s come to represent.

“It’s the new Rebel flag. Camouflage is only effective in rural areas. If someone in New York City is wearing it, they’re making a statement, they’re not trying to blend in, and they’re defeating the purpose of the fabric. One of my favorite lines in the song is about how the only thing as patriotic as the old red, white, and blues are green, and grey, and black, and tan, and brown mixed to make camouflage,” he says. “I feel the funniest verse of the song is about the rednecks that wear it to prom.”

Paisley also talks about his friendship with Carrie Underwood, why he’d never make it on The Voice and how running around with an eight-pound guitar every night is his best workout.

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