OFFSTAGE: Carrie Underwood’s Dad Has Father’s Day Every Day

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Carrie Underwood recently admitted she has caught her dad watching her on TV shows he has taped. “My dad is the kind of person that most likely, he’ll never look at me and my sisters and say ’You’re doing a great job’ or anything like that,” she says. But when she sees him watching her shows, she admits it means a lot to see that he really is proud of all she has accomplished. Stephen Underwood was even a proud father at work before he retired. “I’d meet co-workers of his that used to work with him, and they’ll say, ’Your dad has pictures of you all over his desk — like, proud to the world!'” What a great gift she has given him for the last 28 years and especially the last six years — a daughter to be very, very proud of.