OFFSTAGE: Did Eminem Inspire Brad Paisley?

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The power of a female voice. Brad Paisley knows all about it now that he has a song — “Remind Me” — that so beautifully showcases the potent pipes of Carrie Underwood. (Although it’s not the first time he’s hooked up with a female singer. He’d done so before with his “Whiskey Lullaby” duet seven years ago with Alison Krauss.) But in a recent radio interview, Paisley said he was influenced this time by other genres. “People like Eminem, Kanye, Jay-Z and people will do stuff that incorporate a female singing some lyrics, where they sing this part that’s sort of from the woman’s perspective,” Paisley said. “And I thought that’s an untapped thing that we need to try a little more of in this format, I think, which is an actual duet written to be that, that doesn’t work any other way.” I don’t care where Paisley got the idea. I’m just happy he got it, because this song is one of his best ever.

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