OFFSTAGE: Larry the Cable Guy’s Favorite Movies Star Larry the Cable Guy

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Since the always-excellent movie makers at Pixar have Cars 2 in theaters this weekend, one of the film’s superstar voices, Larry the Cable Guy, is out there doing interviews. And in this one, the funnyman counts down his Top 5 movies of all time. You know it’s going to be a dead serious interview when he introduces himself as Denzel Washington, right? Then he goes on to list all his own movies as his all-time favorites. Like how he did Cars 1 because “it’s a classic movie.” And then how Health Inspector was “very underated amongst a lot of the film critics.” Then for No. 3, Larry says, “This is tough. I love True Grit, the original, but I’m gonna have to go with Delta Farce.” For his No. 2, he says, “Oh, boy. There’s so many good ones out there, ya know. Godfathers were pretty good, but they wasn’t no Witless Protection. And his No. 1 movie? “Well, look. I love the Dumb and Dumber. Good movie, but I’m gonna say this: Cars 2.” I don’t care who you are. That’s funny, right there. Do any Larry the Cable Guys make your movie lists?