OFFSTAGE: Miranda Lambert’s Mom Unveils the Texas Skinny Bitch

When Miranda Lambert was in Chicago last week, so was her mom, Bev. And her dad, Rick. And a big group of their lifelong friends from Texas. They extended their Southern hospitality to me and had me join them for cocktails. Well, one cocktail, really. Nobody was drinking anything else but these Skinny Bitches. Bev Lambert told me she tried one at the ACMs in Las Vegas and has been hooked ever since. And Rick Lambert was extolling the drink’s virtues as a summer cocktail because all the water would keep you hydrated, even on a hot night. So since the holiday weekend is coming up, I thought I’d share the recipe with you so you could share the drink with your family and friends.

This one has a Texas twist on it, so for the sake of the Lamberts, let’s call this the Texas Skinny Bitch:

One shot of Tito’s Handmade Vodka (made in Austin, Texas)*
One cup of ice cold tap water
One lemon, cut into six wedges
One cup of ice

Pour vodka and water into a tall, tall glass. Add all the lemon wedges and ice. Stir and enjoy.

*The Lamberts assured me you can use any premium vodka for this drink, but they have two reasons for always choosing Tito’s. One, because they say it’s the best. And two, because it’s made by a man whose name is literally Tito Beveridge.

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