OFFSTAGE: Carrie Underwood Doesn’t, but Her Husband Does

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Carrie Underwood has said before she’s not really into Twitter. But fortunately for all her fans who want to get a glimpse into her personal life, there’s @mikefisher1212. That is Underwood’s husband’s official Twitter page. And he isn’t shy about sharing what is on his mind. If it’s about hockey, I’m not all that interested. But when he posts twitpics of himself and Underwood at the recent U2 concert in Nashville, that’s very cool. Especially when he adds a tweet that just says, “With my wife at U2 = heaven.” Then he even does things like tweets a picture of a group of older men picking on guitars, a banjo and a mandolin outside a grocery store and says, “Only at Publix in Nashville do u see this!!” If you’ve always wished you could follow Underwood on Twitter, follow Fisher. He’s the next best thing.

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