OFFSTAGE: Taylor Swift on Sandwiches, Songwriting and Summer

(CMT Offstage keeps a 24/7 watch on everything that’s happening with country music artists behind the scenes and out of the spotlight.)

She already does it in her songs. But now Taylor Swift is showing off every nuance of her personality in a new blog. This one is about 700 words and called “A Midsummer Night’s Blog,” and it sums up what she’s been up to — from the very important (songwriting) to the not-so-important (eating a really awesome sandwich). But it’s just so her. Like when she describes what her view of the crowd is like from the stage. “The crowds we’ve been playing for have been so unbelievable,” she writes. “The kind of crowds that jump up and down the entire show, making our view from the stage look like a giant ocean of dancing, jumping people. These are the kinds of crowds that sing the words louder and more passionately than I ever could’ve imagined.” Then she takes a paragraph to reveal her fear that her summer has been too good. “Sometimes I get scared that there’s got to be some balance to the way things work in the universe– like you pay for good days by then having bad days, you pay for joy with pain,” she says. “Like if you have the most perfect week ever, watch out! It’s about to get really awful! Some sort of minor or major tragedy is bound to strike! I hope that’s not the way it all goes down. I really hope not because this has been a really beautiful summer so far.” There was that one concert cancellation in Kentucky, so maybe now that was the pain she had to endure with all her joy.

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